Where to Install an In Wall Safe

One advantage to an in wall safe is that it can be installed at a height where there is no need to bend over to access your valuables.  Install your in wall safe at a height where you can easily see the inside.  Some people install the safe at eye level and others install it just a little below eye level. Either option allows one to easily see the inside.

When placed at adult eye level, an in wall safe is out of reach of children. While all the locks on our safes are very sturdy, it is just as well to not let them be the play object of children.

Another advantage of an in wall safe is that it can be readily concealed. You will want to install your in wall safe where you want to hang a picture or mirror which fits in with the decor of the room. However, some customers feel their in wall safe is concealed enough if it is installed in a closet.

You will note that any in wall safe with a depth greater than 4", will require cutting through two walls. The back will protrude and so you will want to pick a location where the back will be concealed in a closet.

If you need to get answers to any questions about our in wall safe selection, please feel free to contact us.

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