Vline Quick Vault 41214-S Wall Safe Installation Instructions

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We are not responsible for any injury to yourself or others, any damage to your wall, you tools, or your wall safe. These directions are only to assist with installation.

If you need more help than these instructions provide, call Vline 1-805-520-4987

Tools needed: saber or key hole saw, drill, 1/8 " drill bit, 1/4" bit, nut driver, 1/16" box wrench pencil,
 safety glasses, carpenters level, (torpedo level), stud locator, measuring tape, 4- 1/4" x 1" lag screws, shims, photo hanger hardware, drop cloth, painters tape, vacuum, water and sponge.

1.  Locate the studs in the wall that you have chosen. An inner wall is best.

2. Confirm that there are no utilities in the location you choose (utilities being electrical wiring, water        lines, heating ducts, waste line vent pipes, etc.)

3. Locate the stud closest to the location you have chosen, using a stud locator (which can be procured from your local hardware), measuring left or right, whichever meets your application. 

4. Clear the area of paintings, wall decorations, furniture, etc., Lay down your drop cloth to contain the debris that you will create doing the installation. It is sometimes a good idea to tape the drop cloth to the wall below where you will be working to stop dust from escaping the drop cloth and dirtying the carpet below.

5.  Use the installation instruction that came with your safe (from the manufacturer), and or create a pattern by measuring the portion of the safe (that you purchased), drawing and or measuring the portion that will be inserting into the opening (allow 1/8" for leveling) to create a template.  Most wall safes have a surface flange, do not include the outside dimensions of this flange in your measurements.

6.  Using a carpenters level, or a torpedo level, mark a level vertical line along the stud that you located in step # 3, left or right of where you desire to locate your safe.

7.  Place your template, (drawing) of the portion of your safe that will be inserted into the opening (that you create) on the wall, level horizontally, and vertically.

8.  Drill holes in all four corners that you located using the template that you created. Using your level mark between the holes that you located making sure to level both horizontally, and vertically. These lines will be your guide when cutting. "Note" - if you cut to the outside dimension of these lines it will allow you space to make final minor leveling of the safe easier. 

9. Cut a hole in the dry wall between studs measuring 14" wide x 12" high, using a wallboard saw, utility knife, etc.

10. Slide Quick Vault in place in the opening. Should your instillation be such that the studs are not exactly on, you might need to install shims. Make sure to pre-drill these shims (using your 1/8" bit) to
alleviate cracking at the ends. 1" deck, sheetrock, wood screws, work well for fastening the shims. (provided your shims are not thicker than the 1" screws).

11.  Mark the mounting holes with a pencil, then remove the safe and pre-drill pilot holes to mount your safe.

12. Using 1/4" x 1" lag screws (minimum size for wood studs) and your 7/16" box wrench, secure safe into sides of studs at hole locations inside safe. (screw size may need to be adjusted for individual locations)
bearing in mind that 1/4" x 1" are the minimum size for wood studs.

                                            "NOTE" DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS

13. If you are going to conceal your safe with a painting, photo, or any other wall covering, measure
and install the photo hangers accordingly.

14.  After you are satisfied that your installation is completed, remove any heavy debris by hand, then use the vacuum to clear any dust from along the wall below where you installed your safe. Remove the tape you held the drop cloth with, fold the drop cloth onto it's self, and remove.

15.  Continue vacuuming the room to remove any dust and or debris that you created. You will need to use your water and sponge to wipe the wall below where you installed your safe. Most generally there will be a light powder (dust) created from your saw, that clings to the wall below.

16.  Once you are confident that you have cleaned sufficiently, you may replace any furniture, room decorations removed to perform your installation. 

Congratulations on a Job Well Done ! !

For trouble shooting, call Vline 1-805-520-4987