Vline Quick Vault 51653-SA Closet Vault  Installation Instructions

We are not responsible for any injury to yourself or others, any damage to your wall, you tools, or your wall safe. These directions are only to assist with installation.

If you need more help than these instructions provide, call Vline 1-805-520-4987

To install the Closet Vault in between wall studs:

1. Check desired wall location to be sure area is free of all electrical wires and pipes. 

If you are unsure of this procedure or do not have the proper equipment to locate electrical wires and pipes please consult with a licensed contractor.

2. Once you are sure your area is clear locate the studs and cut a hole in the drywall between the  studs measuring 14 " wide x  50 " high.

3. Slide Closet Vault into cut out area.

4. Using 4 x 1 lag screws secure Vault into sides of studs at hole locations inside Vault. 

The Closet Vaults frame will protrude 2 from the walls surface allowing extra interior depth.


Interior Set Up

Bottom Foam liner sets in place.

The Barrel Support has an adhesive back for easy placement, simply line up at the most convenient height location.  Caution:  Check that the Barrel Support does not interfere with the lock or the door will not properly close.   The adhesive is very strong so be sure of desired location prior to pealing backing off.   

Optional full shelf:

Line shelf clips up in desired location and set shelf in place, Check that the Shelf is not just behind the lock or the door will not close properly.


Optional Half Shelf:

Slide shelf brackets into side of Closet Vault at desired location, shelf may be used on either right or left side.


Optional Pistol Caddy:

            Slide bracket into side of Closet Vault at desired location.


Optional Pegboard Door Panel

            Slide Pegboard behind inside frame of door.

Line up small holes in Pegboard with holes in door frame and fasten screws in place to secure Pegboard.  Check objects hung on Pegboard that they do not interfere with interior shelving.

For trouble shooting, call Vline 1-805-520-4987