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    Gardall SL4000 Wall Safe

    The Gardall SL4000F Wall Safe is the perfect addition to any household and will securely protect your valuables and documents from theft. The safe has been designed to fit into a wall and can be concealed by a picture or mirror for extra assurance. The safe has a recessed door, which will deter any attempts to pry it open while the Group II combination lock and heavy duty hinges reinforce the security at hand.

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    VLine 51653 Closet Wall/Floor Gun Vault w/ Mechanical Pushbutton Lock

    This listing is for the new version of the V-Line 51653 has been refitted with a new 3 point locking system, which means quicker opening and no lost keys!

    The V-line closet vault is designed for easy installation between studs in a closet. The closet vault can also be easily installed in an RV, on the floor or any wall. The closet vault features a five button mechanical lock. You never need to worry about batteries. The closet vault lock's code can be changed with a key (included). Count on the closet vault for secure storage not only for firearms but for any valuables, papers or cash.


    See accessories PBCV peg board for door storage, just search for 51653 in the search bar above

    HSCV half shelf for inside of Closet Vault

    FSCV full shelf for inside of Closet Vault

    PRCV pistol rack for peg board

    GCCV includes pistol rack and gun caddy for pistol for mounting on peg board

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    Gardall WS1317-T-EK Wall Safe with 1 Inch flange, Digital Lock

    The Gardall WS1317 heavy duty safe is the perfect addition to a wall as it delivers maximum concealment behind a mirror or picture. This safe has been designed to be recessed inside a wall where contents can be securely hidden from prying eyes. The safe features a fixed shelf for easy storage of items, while the recessed door stops prying attacks from taking place. There are also 3 live locking door bolts and a Group II combination lock for added security.

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    Amsec WS1014 Wall Safe w/ Flat Dial Combo Lock and Removable Shelf
    A major advantage to an AMSEC WS1014 wall safe is that it is easy to conceal in a closet, behind a painting or mirro. It offers solid steel protection for valuables and important documents. Designed for easy installation, each WS1814 can be installed between studs in standard 2" x 4" (16/oc) construction. The WS1014 is easy to bolt in and comes with pre-drilled anchor holes. This model comes with a combination lock. The combination can be changed with a key. Learn More
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    PermaVault WS200-4 with Simplex Mechanical Push Button Lock
    These affordable PermaVault wall safes are designed to store small valuables such as jewelry, coins, certificates. The Perma Vault wall safes give you hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous 2" x 4" (16/oc) construction. There is no assembly required. Learn More
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    WS-200-8 Perma Vault Wall Safe with Mechanical Pushbutton Lock
    The Perma-Vault WS-200-8 compact wall safe comes with the easy to use Simplex Push Button Lock. Which is simply mechanical - no key to lose. Perma-Vault in-wall safes are designed to fit between standard wall studs for easy installation. A wall safe can be mounted at eye level for easy access and can be easily concealed. For your convenience, the WS-200-8 comes with one adjustable shelf and a padded bottom. Learn More
  7. NEW
    V-Line 41214 QVXL ExtraLarge Quick Vault Wall Gun Safe w/ Mechanical Lock

    The V-line extra large quick vault wall safe is designed to install flush between wall studs (16" on center). This V-line QVXL wall safe is designed to handle most long guns, hand guns plus wallet and valuables. It includes a five button mechanical lock for quick access, no keys to lose or batteries to change. Install at eye level for super-fast access.

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    WS-100-4-M Perma-Vault Wall Safe with Medeco High Security Lock
    This is a compact Perma-Vault wall safe with a high security Medeco key lock. It is pre-drilled and designed for easy installation between standard studs. This small safe can be used in any living or business situation. It is easy to conceal. If your prefer the same wall safe but with a push button mechanical lock by Simplex, please see the WS-200-4. Learn More
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    V-Line 41214-SH Felt Lined Extra Shelf Add On for Quick Vault 41214-S
    Add an extra shelf to your V-Line Quick Vault wall safe 41214-S Learn More
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    Stack-On PDS-505-DS Personal Drawer / Wall Safe

    Stack-On designed this drawer safe, as it did many of its safes, for multiple uses. This would be an easy and inexpensive drawer safe for your RV or Camper. It would be a great asset for a student in a dorm who wants to lock up a credit card and some keys. Moreover, this is a perfect small safe for a bedside stand. It is CA DOJ rated for firearm security. It would allow you to keep a pistol close at hand but out of "the wrong hands." The electronic lock makes access fast and easy. Pick your own code that you will easily remember. Have a family member pick their own code as well. And if for any reason you want to use a new code, it is as simple as 1,2,3 to re-program this safe.

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