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    Vline 51653-GC Gun Caddy Add On for Closet Vault 51653-SA
    This gun caddy mounts to either inner side wall of the Closet Vault. It includes one Pistol Rack that it needs to store your handguns. You will need peg board 51653-PB for your Closet Vault model 51653-SA. Learn More
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    VLine 51653 Closet Wall/Floor Gun Vault w/ Mechanical Pushbutton Lock

    This listing is for the new version of the V-Line 51653 has been refitted with a new 3 point locking system, which means quicker opening and no lost keys!

    The V-line closet vault is designed for easy installation between studs in a closet. The closet vault can also be easily installed in an RV, on the floor or any wall. The closet vault features a five button mechanical lock. You never need to worry about batteries. The closet vault lock's code can be changed with a key (included). Count on the closet vault for secure storage not only for firearms but for any valuables, papers or cash.


    See accessories PBCV peg board for door storage, just search for 51653 in the search bar above

    HSCV half shelf for inside of Closet Vault

    FSCV full shelf for inside of Closet Vault

    PRCV pistol rack for peg board

    GCCV includes pistol rack and gun caddy for pistol for mounting on peg board

    Learn More
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