Advantages to Using a Wall Safe

There are many advantages to a wall safe which might make it the ideal safe for your business or home.

Easy to Conceal
Of all safes, wall safes are the easiest to hide. The less conspicuous a safe, the less likely a burglar is to find it. Wall safes are built so that when they are set in a wall they are flush or almost flush with the wall. This makes it easy to hang a photograph or painting or print over the door of the safe. We have seen interior decorators create a fabric decoration to conceal a wall safe. Some people chose to install a wall safe in a closet where it can be hidden behind clothes that can easily be moved aside to access the safe. An attached garage can be a good place to conceal a wall safe. Note that if the purpose of your wall safe, is for quick access to a handgun you may want to install it in the most convenient place possible and not have anything blocking your access such as a heavy painting or mirror.

Easy to Access
Wall safes can be installed at the most convenient level for you whether it according your height or eye level. It is much easier to work a lock when you are not bent over reaching down to a floor safe or free standing safe. Having a wall safe near eye level, makes it easy for you to view the contents quickly and thoroughly. For example, it is much easier to count and stash paper money in a standing position.

All good safes are bolted from the inside, which means a burglar cannot access the bolts with the door locked. However because the wall safe is bolted to the internal heavy structure of your wall, the bolts are even harder to access. Most wall safes are designed with a flange* on the wall surface, which also makes it more difficult for a burglar to access the mounting bolts to cut them. Wall safes and floor safes are virtually impossible for a burglar to take (the whole safe) and run.

Space Saving
Wall safes are space saving compared to bulky free-standing safes. For many people, floor space is a precious commodity,  better used for something more attractive. Wall safes only use space that is already unused.

Less Conspicuous
If you are a business, and may need to access your safe while others are in another part of the building, it is not as conspicuous to access a wall safe as it is to crouch down to open a floor safe. You can get in and out of a wall safe quickly and without being obvious from a distance.

Flood Protection
If a free standing safe or floor safe is installed in a building or basement which might flood, the chance of them becoming submerged in a flood is good. While many safes are water-resistant, the best chance of no damage at all is a  safe that is up off the ground. A wall safe mounted four or more feet off the floor would offer this protection.

Hidden from Children
With a Wall Safe, being concealed and usually mounted high in the wall,  children will be less likely to tamper with the lock, play with the combination, and securing system.

Easy to Install 
A wall safe is lighter, allowing  the DYI (do-it-yourself) person to install themselves, with simple household tools. Because the flange* covers the hole you cut, the cutting does not have to be perfect. All wall safes come with a template to help you mark the right size for the whole in your wall. Simple installation instructions are included with each safe but are also included as part of this website.

Easy, Discrete Delivery
Wall safes typically weigh less than 100lbs so they will be delivered by UPS usually in 3-5 days. This method of delivery is inconspicuous, versus the freight truck that large safes require, and won't get the attention of the neighborhood or passersby.


*Flange is the thin metal part of the wall safe that sits on the outside of the hole you have cut.
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